Trade your quarantine TV routine for nature!

After months of quarantine restrictions cooping us up in our homes, many of those who’ve been working from home are searching for safe ways to re-engage with the outside world. Search no further! 

Our 6 acres of organic farmland make an idyllic getaway for anyone looking to retreat from the fast-paced stress of life these days; from families with young children, to couples looking for seclusion in nature, Thyme at the Country offers a welcoming experience of a rustic farm-to-table lifestyle. 

a dozen chickens perched on a double swing in the back yard

photo of vegetable garden with 3 solar panels behind it.

Help yourself to organic vegetables and fruits from the garden. Visit the chickens and geese, go fishing in our private pond, or take a beautiful walk on the property. 

raised beds in garden filled with green and deep red lettuces