Top 5 Stress Busters at Thyme in the Country

Evening sky at sunset over a pond surrounded by flora and fauna and an old farm silo in the background

Dusk, perfect time for a stroll

Take the road less traveled to Thyme in the Country and be surrounded by scenic beauty, good food and happy people.  

woman in purple dress strolling all by herself in a grassy meadow

Lots of territory to get lost in


1) Walk out our back door to scenic vistas and get glimpses of the elusive wildlife inhabiting the meadows




group of people in a very productive vegetable garden weeding and harvesting vegetables

Opportunities to weed are never ending


2) Weeding; gives you the opportunity to unite your avocation and your vocation




the diversity of our gardens brings a variety of bird species to our property


3) Bird watch while eating your farm to table breakfast outdoors






4) Read a book by the pool and nap afterwards in one of our hidden hammocks


5) Splitting firewood wood for a Saturday night campfire is a SUPER stress reducing activity and leaves you feeling very productive.


Stay tuned to our blog for timely updates and more reasons to take the road less traveled.