My Favorite Winter Activity is Going Back Inside

chick in a snowy treeLike it or not, when you live on a farm and have animals, much of your day is spent outdoors, in all kinds of weather.

A cow eats 2 bales of hay each day and half a bale of straw for their bedding.  The chickens need grain and  you make more trips to the chicken coop to collect the eggs before they freeze. There is manure to haul and frequent checks to make sure the animals’ water supplies are not frozen.  Gathering firewood to keep the home fires burning warmly and pipes from freezing.

This daily workout in nature is a good thing if all goes well and you’re dressed for the weather.  It is a most wonderful feeling to come indoors as the evening lights are coming on to the smell the baking bread and mulled wine and to enjoy the evening at home.  Hope you will be able to visit us this winter and enjoy a little Thyme in the Country. Check out our Calendar for ideas on things to do this weekend.chix going to bed


chick in a snowy tree