Waste Not, Want Not

With so much food coming in from the gardens this summer, much more than we can use up on a daily basis, it is time to pull out the Canning Pot and start processing food for the coming winter months. With all the work that goes into growing your own vegetables, it is a shame to waste what you can’t use up. ┬áCanned food is like a luxury in the winter. ┬áChemical free and so easy to use, no defrosting necessary and with the increase in power outages these days it is one less thing in the freezer to worry about using up during a blackout.

Elderberry syrup

Elderberry syrup to help fight off colds this winter


Tomato Sauce made from a variety of heirloom tomatoes and plenty of herb, onions and garlic


Cucumber Lime syrup to sweeten fruits and cucumber relish


Canning Pot filled with an assortment of jars of vegetables and fruits