At last…Snow!

Not only does it hide a multitude of sins in this bleak late winter, but it’s fun! and beautiful and right now it is plentiful.  The earth loves the blanket of snow protecting all that lies beneath it during the harsh freezing weather.  Lets hope it lasts and at the risk of seeming greedy, we are hoping that there might be more!

There are many cross country skiing and snowshoeing opportunities, Art Omi  is only 3 miles away, and our back yard, even closer.  Downhill skiing at Catamount Ski Area ( is only 30 minutes from our B&B and Windham Mountain Ski (and Tubing) Area   is only 40 minutes away.  Snow shoes can be purchased  at Steiner’s in Hudson (518-672-5063) but sizes are limited so if you want to go snowshoeing its best to bring your own.

Don’t forget when you come in from the cold there will be hot cocoa and cookies for you in front of the fire!