Springtime Update from Thyme in the Country

Although we haven’t posted anything on our blog since winter, we haven’t been hibernating here at Thyme in the Country. We have literally been as busy as one armed paperhangers all winter fixing things that were broken, making improvements in the bedrooms and enhancements all around the house. We picked up on the subtle hints left by guests over the year and knew that the bedrooms needed renovating and with the Dairy and Farm projects finished we finally had time to spend in the House.


This glimpse of the Sumac Room shows you a bit of its new look. The closet is relocated making space for a comfortable leather chair. And the Bathroom was totally renovated adding a clawfoot tub.


The Rose Room now has a little fireplace and we added more room by relocating the closet and adding a comfortable chair. We also improved the lighting in the room.

Rose Room FireplaceYou have probably also noticed that our website is transformed and we now take credit cards.  We hope you will come and offer feedback on what you think of the improvements and continue to help us shape Thyme in the Country to be a safe and rejuvenating experience for all those who want to visit.