Fall Thyme Thanksgiving

One recent guest wrote this review, which beautifully captures what we are trying to convey:

“Thyme in the Country is not just a lovely place, it’s an experience of a way of life and style of hospitality that is warm, wholesome, visionary, and utterly heart-felt. The experience is so much more than the sum of its parts (homemade soap, hours-fresh eggs, beeswax candles, lovingly hand built cabinets, gorgeous cows grazing around solar panels) — Thyme in the Country exudes optimism and a lively, reverent approach to life, without being fussy or pristine or over-zealous in any way.  I visited on a girlfriends’ trip.  We squashed through muddy pastures, talked with other interesting guests, tasted truly nourishing treats (ginger honey lemonade, leeks in cream!) and cozied up in our very comfortable beds. I was totally refreshed and rejuvenated by my Thyme in the Country!”

After the whirl of summer and calving, harvest and putting up the prolific fruits of our labor for winter, Fall is a welcome opportunity to say thank you to all our guests, both children and grown ups, who participate in the growing Thyme in the Country experience by offering suggestions and insights that we never would have thought of or even noticed on our own.  Conversations shared over coffee stay with us long after you leave.  We appreciate your insights  and generosity so much.

So thanks again to all our guests for an outstanding, unforgettable summer, made possible by all of you.  We hope to continue the conversation for many years to come.  
                                                                                               — Mary Koch