If you’re environmentally friendly you will be happy to know that our most ecological accommodation, the NEW Eco-Cottage  is fully renovated and ready for guests.  Perfect for those who love ecology, privacy and comfort, it is situated  less than 100 ft from the main house.  Thanks to the help of many local craftsmen we have turned it into the most eco-friendly accommodation we have on the property.   All the wood has been locally sourced, all the insulation is cotton denim, the ensuite bathroom has an ODORLESS, Clivus Multrum composting toilet, air conditioner is top rated Energy Star, the shower is made with Slate chalkboards from a local school, water is solar heated, windows are recycled, very comfortable DOUBLE bed with natural fiber bedding, even made our own milk paint to coat some of the walls.  We never use perfumes or chemicals in cleaning or laundering and all bedding is air dried in the sun.  Plenty to do on the property including swimming in our Salt filtered pool.