Why swim in a salt water pool?

Our mission at Thyme in the Country is to minimize our environmental impact in every way we can. We are an eco-friendly bed and breakfast, and as such we work to improve the environment rather than disrupt it. Over the years, we’ve made changes in how we do things that have lessened our impact on the environment. How we maintain our swimming pool is just one of them. We don’t use chlorine in our pool anymore. 

Advantages of avoiding chlorine

Minimizing chlorine in your pool is a healthy thing to do for so many reasons. The environment, your eyes, skin, and hair, your entire body, your bathing suit, and it’s a lot less work!

Switching over to a salt filtration system simplifies your pool care regime. You’ll be shocked at how little time and effort it takes to keep your pool sparkling clean when you stop using chlorine. 

Our salt filtered swimming pool

Staying at Thyme in the Country in Hudson New York gives you the opportunity to lounge around in our salt filtered pool and swim in pure, gentle water. There’s nothing more refreshing on a hot day than taking a dip in our gorgeous pool. We’re one of the only Hudson Valley bed and breakfasts with a salt filtered swimming pool, and we love to see our guests enjoying this luxurious amenity. 

If you’ve never gone swimming in a salt water pool before, try ours… You’ll feel refreshed with no need to wash off that chlorine smell. You can open your eyes underwater and see where you’re swimming. You’ll have peace of mind knowing we’re not dependent on the chlorine industry to make our pool available to you. 

man swimming in a pool at night

Eco-friendly practices at Thyme in the Country

We’re proud of the many eco-friendly practices in place at Thyme in the Country. We serve fresh garden to table food every day. We also support our community by hiring locally and hosting WWOOF volunteers to teach others how to live sustainably. Our cleaning products are non-toxic, we minimize the use of plastic, and all our bedding and linens are made from natural fibers.