Our lovely Spring Calf


Many of you know that we were on pins and needles this spring waiting for Mama’s calf to be born.  She had a miscarriage last spring along with Pepe and Pixie, and Dixi could not get pregnant  so our herd was dwindling.  We spent the whole year keeping an eye on their selenium levels and hoping for better outcomes this spring.  And low and behold on the beautiful spring afternoon of May 13th, Mama had a good sized healthy GIRL calf!  So healthy that 2 hours after her birth she walked from the far side of the pond all the way up to the cow shed with Mama’s nudgings.  She is growing quickly on all the good milk that she loves to drink and she is alert, perky and beautiful.  We are so grateful to have her and hopefully our luck on the farm will turn around.  By the way, we have a tradition of letting our WOOFER (Willing Worker on Organic Farms) name the new calves.  She chose Carla and it seems to fit her very well.